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February 29, 2016


One of the reasons I love crime fiction so much, as a reader and a writer, is that so often a novel gives us a chance to explore a different world. My current novel, for instance, was inspired by my interest in archaeology – from teenage summers on archaeological digs to the more recent Archaeology’s Dirty Little Secrets MOOC – which actually had me so interested I voluntarily wrote essays just for the fun of it.

And my first novel, A Savage Art, had a main character who was a textile artist. Again, a little bit of wish fulfilment – a life I’d like to have lived. Well, apart from the whole murder part… perhaps.

So now that’s my justification for sharing some of the details from my latest textile arts project – my first cloth doll which I made for a friend. I was persuaded to keep records of the whole process – and there were times when I thought I’d not quite get there. But in spite of the bag of discarded heads, the spare pair of wrinkled hands and the matter of the third leg – here it is!

The finished doll  admittedly looks  a little like Rod Stewart cosplaying as Ziggy – though others have suggested Toyah, or Hazel O’Connor.  But I am quite pleased with him even though I didn’t quite dare to deal with the hair much more. You might be able to see why if you look through the photos below of the work in progress….



biody bits






more hands


doll with head...






Bowie 1

What I was most pleased about was the wonderful vintage Liberty fabric I found on ebay. After I bought it and was researching the costumes Bowie wore, I was delighted to discover that he had used actual Liberty fabrics in the costumes he wore on the Ziggy tour.



Pattern adapted from Jan Horrox book on Making Fantasy Dolls – curves removed and the embroidered face all my own idea.

The supplies and tools available from her website here


January 29, 2016