A Savage Art is published!  

It all happened yesterday – and I meant to finish this post then but I was too excited to sit still for long enough. And in an odd way I also didn’t really believe it until I woke up this morning – late even with the extra hour – and discovered that yes, my novel was still there on Amazon, and that people were still talking about it on Twitter and on Facebook. It wasn’t just a dream.

tinybook_savageartIt’s been a long journey.

One of the stories my family tell about me is that I was thrown out of the first class in infant school after two weeks for non-co-operation. I refused to play with the educational games and simply demanded to be taught how to read.

By the time I was ten I’d read every Enid Blyton adventure story I could get my hands on, and then discovered the Lone Pine adventures written by Malcolm Saville. In the back of the library books was an address to join the Lone Pine Club. I wrote my own Lone Pine mystery story and sent it off. A few weeks later I receieved a letter from Malcolm Saville, apologising that the club was no longer in existence, but encouraging me to carry on writing my own stories. I wish I still had the letter, but sadly, it’s long gone.

In the years in between I wrote several short stories, some of which were near misses, but it wasn’t until I did the Open University creative writing courses a few years ago that I started taking writing seriously. Again, I started with short stories – but my final assignment turned out to the very beginning of this novel, A Savage Art.

I’ve had support and encouragement from lots of people along the way, and I’d just like to throw out a general thank you to them all here and now. And yesterday was no exception – I am very grateful to all the people who shared links on Twitter and on Facebook and to everyone who bought a copy of the novel.

And thank you as well to the fabulous Chris McVeigh, the founder of Fahrenheit Press, who made my dream come true.  I am starting to read my way through the rest of the Farenheit authors, and I am in very good company. If you love crime fiction, you really should check out the Fahrenheit book club – here!

Thank you all. And I promise not to go on about it too much…


P.S. My value of “too much” may not be universal.